Welcome to V&V News - the blog from the Swedish research school in Verification and Validation (V&V) of Software!

We will use this blog to bridge the gap between software development companies and academia within V&V. Lots of good research is happening in academia and lots of good ideas on how to improve V&V is tested and refined in companies but there is too little exchange between the two. By increasing the exchange of information we hope to bridge the gap and create more and better V&V innovation together!

We will try to keep blog posts brief and to the point, summarizing new results, pointing to upcoming conferences and events and in general giving useful ideas for anyone interested in software testing and VaV. We will not flood you with information but try to keep ourselves to weekly or bi-weekly updates. The goal is to poke your interest and give you new ideas without taking much of your time.

Please give us feedback, ideas and notifications to help improve this blog over time. By contributing you can help shape the blog and SWELL! You can use our contact form: http://swell.weebly.com/contact.html

SWELL is a National Innovation Driver for Software VaV funded by Vinnova and a number of Swedish universities and companies.

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