The International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation was started in 2008 and was a big success. Lots of interest from both industry and academia, many new results and interesting discussions.

Now it's time again! April 1-4 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

 * Brings practice and research together
 * 48 research and industry presentations
 * 6 workshops on specific areas
 * Keynote speakers:
   * Marcia Knous, Mozilla: Testing of open source software
   * Susan Gerhart: Testing Accessibility and Usability
 * Two free industry tutorials:
   * Ammann: Software Testing - A Newcomer's guide
   * Ball et al: Systematic testing of Multi-threaded Concurrent Programs

Among other things, the conference will cover areas such as model-based, GUI, web and security testing, QA and test management, test case generation and testing non-functional requirements.

You can find all details here:
and the early registration deadline is March 1st.

SWELL is a National Innovation Driver for Software V&V funded by Vinnova and a number of Swedish universities and companies.

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